John S. - San Jose, CA

Subaru STI

"Jim is awesome, I was looking for a Subaru STI Hatchback with low miles and in good condition and he found me one 2000 miles away and got it here in no time. In better condition than I could ask for. Great service and really easy to work. Definitely 5 stars!"

Jose C. - Quito, Ecuador

Nissan GTR

"Great Buying Experience!! I recommend Full Throttle if you want to buy your next car. Talked to Jim, gave me the car I wanted for the best price. They were always friendly and replied phone calls and emails fast. They also help their costumers find rare and special cars. 100% recommended."

Dimitri H. - Walnut Creek, CA

Superformance Cobra

"Jim had my dream car at the right price. Seamless, easy purchase. And he delivered it literally into my garage. Would recommend for anyone especially gear heads. Thanks Jim!"

Michael B. - Nottingham, England


"Sometimes life offers its own challenges. So it was with me. I knew the make of car and preferred year I wanted. The search took several months but eventually I found exactly what I was looking for. The issue was it lived in California. I live in England, several thousand miles away! Having made contact with Full Throttle, I started asking questions. The answers and information travelling back the seven thousand miles was informative and professional.  Dealing with Jim, at this distance, was like having him next to me in the showroom. The honesty and willingness to answer any simple question was nothing short of brilliant!  I am now awaiting my "grand old lady", a 1958 Cadillac, to arrive in the United Kingdom. I have not spoken to Jim throughout this purchase.  We have only communicated by email, but can I make an observation? I wouldn't hesitate in dealing with Jim again! It is no surprise to me, when looking at his reviews, he achieves five stars.  Thank you Jim for your terrific help. The integrity shown and the positivity that dealing with you brings.  It was a pleasure to do business with you!!"

Jim H. - Pleasanton, CA

Audi Avant

"First off, Jim has an amazing name! Lol! I have to say that this was by far the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever done. Jim didn't try to pressure me into the purchase at all. He aloud me to test drive and to decide on my own if it was something I wanted to go through with. After I purchased the 2010 Audi A4 Avant I took it to my local German Mechanic. They informed me the car was in excellent shape and there was nothing that needed done to the car. Jim obviously did an exceptional job at looking over the car before he purchased it and I reaped the reward when I purchased it. Thanks a lot Jim!!"

Mark Y. - Fremont, CA


"Found Jim's on the ad and set up appointment next day to take a look of the E46 M3. When I arrive and meet Jim,  right away you know Jim is a up front CAR guy and he let me took my time to check the car as long as I needed.  He has been very frank on the details and no push selling at all.  Result is that I can not find a reason not to take the car on the spot and it was great deal.  Finally I brought the car I plan to buy since 10 year ago. I definitely recommend to consult  with Jim when you hunt for a car.  Because you know he will hunt the car you want as for himself.  I know I will call Jim up when I am ready for my 911. Thank you Jim.  

PS. All my car buddy said this M3 was a steal after they test drive^_^"

Tyler N. - San Francisco, CA


"Working with Jim at Full Throttle has been the best car buying and selling experience I have ever had. It is a top-notch operation and I will definitely be back for my next purchase. Jim helped me with two things. I had a fully cage EVO race car and was having difficulty selling it or trading it, Jim took the car in and found a great home for it. I was looking for a daily driver and Jim had the ultimate daily driver for me, a C450 AMG. The car is in pristine condition, has just the right number of mods and I am beyond excited about it. This was the best car buying and selling experience I have ever had and will definitely be using Full Throttle in the future. THANK YOU JIM!"

Jason F. - Greenville, SC


"I had been looking for a 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 for many months and finally came across one at Full Throttle Auto.  After talking with Jim, he put it on hold for me until I was able to fly out there and take a look at it.  The car was immaculate.  I ended up purchasing the car and the entire process was as smooth as possible.  Jim runs a first class operation.  I would highly recommend anyone to make your next purchase from Full Throttle Auto Sales."

Maureen C. - San Jose, CA


"Jim was a doll to work with stands behind all that he does.  I would not buy a car any other way.  He fulfilled a dream for my husband with the purchase of a 2011 Porsche Panamera.  Best way to buy a car and he is the guy to work with."

Ralph F. - Stockton, CA


"I purchased my 2011 BMW here a few days ago and fully satisfied with the sales and service. If you want to buy quality used car, this is the place go. Cars sold here are in showroom condition and sold in a showroom. I am very happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend this place."

Summer F. - San Jose, CA


"I cannot thank Jim at Full Throttle Auto Sales enough for helping me find my dream car!! I'd been eyeing the Acura RDX for years, so once I was in the market for a new car I knew I had to get one. There was a list of features that were non-negotiable for me, and finding an Acura RDX that met this criteria proved to be very challenging. However, Jim diligently researched until he found one that checked off all the boxes on my detailed list. From there, Jim negotiated an unbelievable deal, and helped research trade-in costs for my then existing car. The day of purchase was seamless. I showed up, signed my paperwork, and drove off in my new car. Jim's passion and knowledge of cars makes the buying process fun and efficient. So whether you are looking for a specific car, need help negotiating, or just don't want to deal with the hassle, Jim is your guy! I'll definitely be recommending him to all my family and friends."

Scott C. - San Jose, CA


"Working with Jim is and has been a pleasure. I feel he is very honest and open about details of the cars he sells. No question whatsoever giving him the highest rating."

Scott K. - Dundee, IL

1930 American Austin

"Great Buying Experience

Purchased a 1930 American Austin from Jim at Full Throttle.  The car was even better than advertised, and Jim was very easy to work with. I had the car shipped from Jim's shop to Illinois and all of the details were handled remotely.  Jim was professional, detail oriented and made the whole process a breeze.
Jim is one of the honest and professional car dealers left out there.

Don't hesitate to buy from Full Throttle, I know I won't.

Lance L. - San Jose, CA

Lifted Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

"Jim is fantastic, knows exactly what he's talking about and will get you in exactly whatever car you want and will eliminate any headaches you have when going to other dealerships. This is the place to go when shopping for a new car great service and great experience all around!" 

Thomas M. - Sonoma, CA

Shelby GT500


I had been looking a 2013 -2014 GT500 for almost 2 years trying to find the right car with certain options.  Jim had the car.  The car was better in person than expected.  I live over 2hrs away from Full Throttle with limited time to make the trip.  Jim made it easy for me with my schedule to meet him on a weekend to see and purchase the car.  The car was presented with everything that I was looking for and in excellent condition. Detailed to a "T".  Jim was honest and upfront with everything.  The next time I am looking for a vehicle, Jim will be my first contact.  Jim has stayed in contact to make sure everything has been great with the car. "

Tracy W. - Benicia, CA


What a great experience I had buying my Audi Q5 from Jim at Full Throttle Auto Sales. It was easy, super simple buying my car.  I contacted Jim at Full Throttle, spoke with him about what I wanted and needed in a car for my move to Truckee (So much snow). I found Jim to be very courteous, trustworthy and professional. All I had to do was tell Jim what model car, miles I expected for the price I wanted to spend and WALA! just like that I had my car, it only took 2 days for him to find the car I wanted and another 3 days for it to arrive. It was so awesome that I didn't have to go the traditional "car sales" route. Jim was so low key, no hard sale like you get from a car lot. (who even does that anymore?) I went to San Jose to sign the paperwork, and that was super simple as well.  I finished the paperwork in about 15 minutes, Jim showed me everything I needed o know about my Audi, he opened the door and off I went. I would HIGHLY recommend going this route and purchasing your next car with Jim at Full Throttle Auto Sales, Quick and Painless and at a great price, I mean GREAT PRICE.  If your looking for that unique or specialty car than this will definitely be the place for you to go. It's to bad there are only 5 STARS! 

Thank you Jim!"

Jenny J. - Brentwood, CA

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

"What a totally awesome experience it was buying a car from here! I have purchased over a dozen cars and this has by far been the most pleasurable experience I have ever had! Jim had a quick response time and was very knowledgeable when answering anything I asked him. This truly is the way all car buying experiences should be. You can tell when someone truly enjoys their job, it equals happy, satisfied customers!!! Thanks for the awesome, all American ride. Cheers!"

Nick W. - San Jose, CA

Mitsubishi Evo

"Jim was amazing to work with super professional and made the whole buying and paperwork process insanely easy. I couldn't be happier with the Evo 8 and am definitely recommending anyone I know who is looking for a quality car and dealer. Thank you once again for helping me get into my dream car!"

Dan D. - Gorham, ME

VW R32

"Talked to Jim last week about my dream car they had just posted. I'm now in the process of purchasing it. I couldn't be more excited and relieved about how awesome this experience has been. Being on the complete opposite side of the country makes you nervous but he's been up front, honest and very open about the car. The pictures are incredible but I cannot wait to see this R32 show up in my driveway. It's been a pipe dream for over 10 years. Thank you so much!"

Nick L. - Fremont, CA

Lexus GS F

"Full Throttle auto made this happen. I needed to sell a car quickly with no hassle and Jimmy came through with the upmost professionalism and even offered me a much better price than I expected I'd recommend full throttle to anybody know who is looking for a quality car and dealer. Thank you once again for helping me get into my dream car!"

Robert L. - San Jose, CA

Dodge Viper

"I have been working with Jim at Full Throttle to find a great deal on a used sports car that would also be at home on the track. I have been impressed by his business. First of all, there is Jim himself. He is an approachable and straightforward person who loves cars. He is also enthusiastic about his work and very professional when it comes to the details. Second, I really think his facility is top notch! A great place to inspect your potential buys and eventual new vehicle."

David H. - Mission Viejo, CA

Nissan 300ZX TT

"I wanted to do something special for my wife at the conclusion of the year (2018). The holiday season is extra special for our family not only do we have all of the holidays, my birthday, but we also have our anniversary just after the new year and my wife just graduated from Penn State or at least completed all of her classes for her degree. So, it was indeed a special time of the year for her. My wife's dad always had a Z car when she was growing up and when the Z32 model came out in the early 90s she wanted one but was never able to get one and it became her dream car. So, I thought it would be a great idea to find one and buy it for her. Which brings me to Full Throttle Auto Sales, after hours, days, weeks of searching and looking at junk 300zx from the early 90s that should be towed to the junk yard, I found one reasonably priced at Full Throttle Auto Sales. I sent Jim an email and asked the basics questions and was able to schedule a time to talk to him over the phone. I told him my story and my requirements around acquiring a car. Jim is easy to talk to, down to earth, not pushy, and he went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable about the car. We drove up to Morgan Hill and meet him in the early morning. He greeted us with a smile and gave us space to crawl over the car and tossed us the keys and told us to take it around the block and to come get him if we had any questions. We made up our minds and the process to purchase started. Normally buying a car makes me want to tear my eyes out. But the hardest part of this process was making the decision to buy a 30-year-old car with no SS or Z28 badge on the grill... (Maybe next time Jim) But, hey the car is for my wife not me and she loves it. Thirty maybe forty-five minutes later we were done and on our way back home. Jim was accommodating, he went the extra mile to make us happy with the purchase, and he made the paperwork process as painless as possible and he has since followed up to make sure that we are enjoying the addition to our family. I recommend Full Throttle Auto Sales to anyone looking for a specialty car, hot rod, or anything out of the ordinary. Their inventory is impressive, their staff is knowable about cars (which I believe is rare), If they don't have it in stock I bet Jim can find it and at a reasonable price. Full Throttle Auto Sales' show room is well organized with lots to see that will catch your attention and spark fun stories and exciting opportunities for some lucky buyer! The most important thing, is that their facility is well maintained and very clean and decorated. The attention to detail is evident simply by looking around the facility. Thank you to Jim and the staff at Full Throttle Auto Sales for making this 1990 300zx Twin Turbo an extra special gift and a dream come true!"

Michelle C. - Redwood City, CA

Porsche 911 Carrera

"Jimmy was great to work with! Such a nice and honest guy. We had a Porsche sitting in our garage for the past 6 years that never really got out but for some reason we didn't want to sell it either. I mean we did want to sell it, but it seemed so much easier not to. After talking with Jimmy we realized that we didn't need or want the car. We just knew it was of value and felt we weren't going to get what we wanted for it so we might as well keep it. Plus it would be alot of work for us to find a buyer. Jimmy said he'd take the car, put it in his shop and call us if someone was interested. He had his flat bed truck and took it right then and there. Immediately we felt relieved to be free of it. There was no pressure with Jimmy. Sure enough a month later he had a buyer who offered a great price! "Ok. No problem, he can have it!" We said. We couldn't believe how easy he made it on us and how much he got us for the car. Thanks Jimmy! We will definitely be selling more cars with you. "

Les W. - Elk Grove, CA

Acura NSX Widebody

"The Story of my Experience with Full Throttle was nothing less than a fairytale come true.

My Car was very highly modified with extremely high end parts.

It was both Beauty and the Beast.  It was thought of by Purest as an Abomination, a Beast.

And by Import Car Fans and the Young at Heart, a One of a kind Beauty.

Normal avenue that most people sell cars never worked for me over the past years.

It was impossible for me to find the perfect match of someone who could appreciate this car and be able to afford to purchase it.

So meeting Jim was a God sent.  He has such amazing passion and knowledge of Imports and Exotic cars.

And with his variety of sales methods, he was able to give my car, the buyer and me a Storybook ending.

I will definitely sell my next car with Jim and Full Throttle and recommend any of my friends and family with exotic cars to do the same.

My Car was a 1991 Acura NSX.

Thanks Jim!!"

Dre P. - Irvine, CA

Nissan 300ZXTT

"Jim at Full Throttle is definitely and awesome guy to work with. When I first met Jim in person to see the car I was thinking about purchasing, I could tell he was a straight up guy. Very polite and definitely has a passion for what he does. Jim was quick to respond and address any questions and concerns I had during my buying process. I would definitely do business again with Jim at Full Throttle. Not only is the collection of cars top notch but it's his trustworthiness and customer service that earned my business.

Thanks again, Jim!"

Chris T. - Burswood, Australia

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

"I've had a lot of cars over the years, and been through many dealerships across​ Europe​, Aisa and now the states too. I wanted a Hellcat in perfect condition; Jim and the Full Throttle​ team were great and highly professional​. Jim looked after everything​ and had the right car. I​ recommend​ Full Throttle to any prospective buyer."

Tina J. - Morgan Hill, CA

"Full Throttle Auto Sales is an excellent company and perfect for someone like me who wants to sell their car but doesn't want to deal with listing it online and showing it to strangers. Jim, the owner, was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about my Jeep and got a great sales price for me. He handled everything, from detailing my car to listing it and then working with the buyers to secure financing. I would 100% recommend Full Throttle Auto Sales to friends, family, and anyone looking for help to sell a vehicle. "

Matt D. - Milpitas, CA

"I was in the market for a used vehicle and was recommended Full Throttle to help me with my search. I had a specific car in mind and was given several options that they had researched. I have a very busy work schedule so this was a huge help. I recommend Full Throttle if you are looking for a new or used vehicle. They were professional and have access to a wide range of cars from dealerships, private sellers, and auto auctions that one might not find in their own search."

Brian M. - Santa Clara, CA

"When FULL THROTTLE was recommended to me( to help me sell my "hot rod", I too was hesitant...  But Jim, the owner, presented his concept very convincingly, and I had to try it.  Within a week, Jim had found a new owner and I had a check that was satisfying to me.  Thanks Jim for your hard work; I would recommend your services to anyone who is serious about selling their specialty cars."

Will R. - San Jose, CA

"Im not your typical yelp reviewer, but I gotta give this guy 5 stars. Very friendly, honest, and most importantly you'll get the car you are looking for. I highly recommend doing business with Jim he will definitely take care of you. I am sure we'll do business again...Thanks Full Throttle."

Jeanine L. - Los Gatos, CA

"Loved working with Jim, at Full Throttle, in purchasing my new Maserati Levante. I usually dread the experience of buying a vehicle but this was SO different! I know I received the best price and feel super confident in knowing that Jim was knowledgeable in every aspect of the transaction. Wouldn't ever purchase a car w/o him again."

Jonathan H. - Cupertino, CA

"Sold my car through Jim, hassle free and fast! Glad that it's going to a good buyer and the process was super easy. Jim was very easy to get in touch with and responded FAST!"